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Producing wastes and rejects has never been a good business plan. Is there anybody who doesn’t want to save time, money or losses of prestige?

We can ask more questions: do you want to create higher added value in your production? Or you simply want to increase efficiency? Let’s redesign your market position. Implementing our measurements into your process can provide a higher quality management system: straight way to new customers.

Our measurement services deliver solutions for both challenges: let’s check together the specifications in case of serial measurements or even custom part manufacturing also. Applied technologies are always personalized to the task in every cases.

We not only send simple data. In case of need we provide engineering support for understanding the results and finding solutions all the quality related issues.

Koordináta mérés
Coordinate measurement
Optikai mérés
Optical measurement
3D scanning
CT scanning

Discover the process of dimensional measurement, particularly in the field of length measurement, where we accurately and reliably determine the dimensions and geometrical characteristics of various workpieces. This measurement method plays a crucial role in ensuring product quality and enhancing manufacturing process efficiency.

During dimensional measurement, we utilize various tools such as length gauges, micrometers, laser measurement systems, or coordinate measuring machines (CMM). The choice of measurement tools and methods depends on the size, geometrical features, and required precision of the workpiece.

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In the realm of dimensional measurement, we adhere to standards such as ISO2768, Geometrical Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T), and ISO GPS (Geometrical Product Specification), which define the guidelines and acceptable tolerance values for the measurement process. These standards allow us to determine whether the workpiece meets the intended dimensions and shapes.

Compliance with dimensional measurement and standards is pivotal in identifying and rectifying manufacturing defects, ensuring proper fit of components, and streamlining assembly processes. Precise measurement results guarantee superior product quality and customer satisfaction while reducing the number of defects and production costs.

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In conclusion, dimensional measurement is a critical process in the field of length measurement, ensuring accurate and high-quality production. We apply various standards to determine measurement accuracy and tolerances, leading to a seamless manufacturing experience.

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