Tool Inspection System

RANGER600 - Universal Tool Inspection System


RANGER600 Tool Inspection System is designed and developed by the UNIMETRO R&D team located in Gwangmyeong City, Korea, which absorb the most advanced technology and concept.

Universal measuring machine

The UNIMETRO RANGER600 Tool Inspection System is the universal measuring machine for drills, milling cutters and counters and countersinks under Flexible illuminating system. Thanks to the compact design and great stability, the RANGER600 can be employed in the metrology room, receiving inspection, or directly in production.

The RANGER600 Tool Inspection system is configured with SMARTOOL universal measuring software, which makes it the best instrument for all types of metal cutting tools, starting from fast checking of single criteria, such as the outer contour or angles, to complete control of special tool geometries. Users can easily achieve a PUT-MEASUREANALYSE measuring process with the RANGER600. Which offers high working efficient in the cutting tools quality control application.

The RANGER600 is with ergonomic design and solid construction, which make it the ideal solution for shop floors QC application. The RANGER600 can be placed directly next to the CNC grinding machine. Contact-free measurement avoids damage to the cutting edges and documents the condition of the cutting edges. Intuitive operation is available base on high resolution image display, auto-detective of the edges, contour / surface lighting free switch and dynamic curve view. Users can always get high ergonomic design and solid construction.

Advanced Design

Ergonomic design and solid construction
- HD image capturing and display combination, also microscope magnification level is optional.
- Stable and accurate V block for easy tools holding and alignment.
- Mechanical fixed measuring angle of 0 degree and 90 degrees are available on the rotary stage.
- High accuracy encoder is embedded in the rotary table, offers precise angle location for users.
- Multiple section programmable LED ring light for surface illumination, also including contour lighting and free angle auxiliary light for standard features.
- SMARTOOL measuring software offers specific measuring function for cutting tools.
- Automatic edge detection, fast angle measurement with reticle, CAD element comparison

Ranger 600

X axis travel 80 mm
Y axis travel 60 mm
Z axis measuring range 60 mm
Max tool diameter 50 mm
Max tool length 300 mm
Working distance 90 mm
Lens 0,7x – 4,5x dented zoom lens
Camera 2M pixel HD camera / 5M pixel HD camera (Optional)
Linear scale resolution 0,0001 mm (0,1 µm)
Magnification 12.6x – 79.2x / 25.2x – 158.4x (Optional)
Field of view 27 x 20mm –  4.3 x 3.3mm / 13.5 x 10mm – 2.3 x 1.6mm (Optional)
Measuring accuracy X, Y: (2.5 + L / 100) μm, L is the measured length
PC ALL-IN-ONE PC system, Windows 10 OS, with 24” LCD monitor
Illumination 8 sections LED ring light, contour light and flexible auxiliary light, all software control and programmable.
Input format DXF
Output format DXF, Microsoft Excel

Multiple Angles Measuring

For a more fast and precise tools angle location during the measuring process, the rotary table of the RANGER600 offers 2 mechanical fixed angles, 0 degree and 90 degrees. At the 0 degree position users are able to measure Tool End, Tool End - Center shaft, Tool End - front angle, etc. And 90 degrees position is available for Helix angle, Axial Front angle, First Rear angle, If other angle location should be required, users can also use the accurate encoder which is embedded in the rotary table to obtain. The angle reading is display in the software.

Standard accessories

Free angle auxiliary light: A dimmable additional light is available on a flexible arm.
Contour light module: The RANGER600 is including a parallel light path contour LED light module, which is movable along the X axis direction, offers the best image and sharp edge of the object view.
Base table: Solid standing work station with practical and open-view storage space for storage of the tools.
Tools holder: A multiple section tools holder is embedded at the side of the machine. Users can hold all the tools in sequence without mixing or any damage.

SMARTOOL Measuring Software Leading cutting tools measuring solution

The SMARTOOL Cutting Tools Measuring Software is developed based on high accuracy optical and digital measuring technology, it is easy and intuitive to operate and offers numerous measuring and evaluation algorithms specifically for tools manufactured or sharpened in grinding business.

Sharp, high-contrast views at all magnification. All magnification are calibrated. High zooming level allows analysis of even the smallest surface details or the inspection of micro-tools.

Intuitive and easy-operating software interface - for fast and easy measurement application, all function keys and operation panel are graphical, and the automatic edge detection function helps to eliminate the measuring result difference of different operators.

Free switch between object image view and real time contour curve view - users are able to get the observation and measure the max edges of the tools during dynamic rotating process.

Leading Features

Easy operation:  High resolution image display and graphical operation interface.
Dynamic Real Time curve view:  The software offers real time edge detecting curve view, makes the edge analyse and measuring more intuitive and clear.
Fast angle measuring with retical:  The reticle displayed in the image area of the SMARTOOL software is freely rotatable and able to display angles.
CAD comparison: The SMARTOOL measuring software is supporting CAD comparison function. Users can directly input the CAD drawing of the tool to the software as reference, and compare the real image to the drawing to evaluate the results.



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